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RankDodo is an SEO agency that helps small to medium-sized online shops maximize their online exposure and attract wider audience.
Our clear and fair offer:
-You will talk to real SEO experts, not a sales team.
-We focus on actual rankings and longevity.
-No amateurs - all work is performed by trusted professionals.
-We are friendly, and we are here to answer ALL your questions!

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RankDodo grew from the experience. Over the last 14 years, we have been working on projects of all sizes. From partnering with companies like Microsoft to helping local food delivery shops - we have encountered SEO from all possible angles. This expertise enabled us to create a new and bespoke service that will grow your business.
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RankDodo Fair Approach

Professional SEO ensures stable growth.

SEO is a technical process to push a website up in rankings in a natural manner. The goal of Ecommerce SEO is for your business to be more visible on search engines. This way, a wider audience can find you. We aim at simplifying the whole process for you and focus on core aspects of it to provide you with a completely hands-off, results-driven solution.

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Our amazing clientele.

Quality always first

How we keep good work going?

Real Goals For Better Workflow

We always set realistic expectations. SEO is a long term game, and our methods are "white hat," meaning we will work on stable, consistent results, rather than fast and short-lived. We will securely increase your visibility in search engines, which will translate to more business.

Get Answers Directly From Experts

We are just one email away - all customers of RankDodo have access to unlimited SEO consulting. You can get all the answers you need in one place. We believe that excellent communication is a building stone for every good relationship. Get real, unbiased answers from real experts!

Results, Not Shiny Objects

We are here to do the actual work. Instead of focusing on what's cool, we focus on what's tested. All our methods are properly tested before we implement them. With RankDodo, you will receive monthly updates that are easy to read and follow! No more technical mumbo-jumbo!

No half measures

Get visible to potential buyers.

It's a simple numbers game. You need people to be able to find your website if you want to generate revenue.
You can do it with numerous methods, but one that guarantees long term stable results is Ecommerce SEO.
It's like a fully automated (on your end) traffic generating machine.
All thanks to our hard but smart work backed by over a decade of experience.
Get your brand out there and generate revenue, no matter what!

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Get more business with proven strategy!


Shop Survey

Our team will analyze your Ecommerce shop and learn about its niche. We want to learn more about the products and your website so that we can get you better results. With proper preparation, we can achieve better results faster. This translates to a faster return on investment for you!


Keyword Research

The best marketing campaigns start with overall strategic planning to learn how we can help your Ecommerce shop. Based on information gathered, we will perform keyword research, where we will seek optimal phrases that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website. We will adjust the keywords each month when needed.


Competition Analysis

Realistic goals in SEO are created thanks to competition research. To get the best results from Ecommerce SEO, we will research your competitors for weaknesses, so we can use it to get your shop ahead of them. This way, we will not try to reinvent the wheel, and our work will be much more effective.


Onsite Optimization

The best SEO needs fantastic onsite optimization. Our experts will review your website and suggest changes. If you need help, we can adjust it for you! The changes will increase the SEO power of your site and make it possible to climb in rankings. We will monitor your website and suggest further adjustments based on the results.


Offsite Marketing

A significant part of SEO is to build quality, natural backlinks. Our goal is to obtain backlinks through crowdsourcing methods. Your shop will receive diverse, supervised, natural backlinks that will make it resistant to sudden fluctuations. Ecommerce SEO from RankDodo will get you stable and long term rankings.


Monitoring and Analysis

Each month we will provide you with a plain English analysis of SEO status for your online shop. We continuously monitor the situation, and every week we'll review results and adjust our strategy. We focus on long-term gains, and thanks to our experience, we will work confidently and decisively on making your Ecommerce SEO work as intended.

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The humans in our team are awake Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (GMT +1).
They usually hibernate on weekends and public holidays.
Our SEO indexing, optimization, and rank tracking robots work 24/7/365, though!